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FPCO - An Umbrella Brand

Our primary goal is to help you improve the business results of your organisation and significantly advance careers. To this end FPCO - under various brandnames and in conjunction with its business partners offers:

  • Business Development Services
  • Certified Code Training
  • Digital Marketing Training
  • Digital & Social Selling Training
  • E-learning Development 
  • Language Learning
  • L:eadership Development
  • Virtual Instructor-led Training Design & Production

FPCO - Our Customers

We are very proud to have partnered with hundreds of corporate customers and many thousands of individuals over many years. Our client base includes individuals in dozens of countries and a broad range of organisations such as government ministries, major industrial companies, business services providers, hospitals, agri & food suppliers, ICT companies, local governments, banks, insurance companies, not-profit organisations, retailers, wholesalers and many more. Our clients all have in common that each and everyone of them strive to really improve their performance nationally and/or internationally.

Our main markets are Belgium, Denmark, Ireland and the Netherlands and through group and associated companies we have managed projects elsewhere in EMEA (e.g. DRC, Egypt, Emirates, France, Gabon, Germany, Lebanon, Libya, Nigeria, Scandinavia, Sierra Leone and UK) and also in North America (Canada, USA) as well as Asia (China, Papua New Guinea).


Our Locations

Many of our clients are based in the Benelux, the Nordics and/or Ireland




We are well aware that our industry is a people’s business. You’ll find our staff friendly, courteous and above all intensely professional and completely focused on your needs. We do look forward to working with you. Please feel free to contact us and challenge us to meet your needs. We’ll do our utmost to help you achieve your goals.

Board & Advisory Panel

We are lucky enough to have some very astute businessmen on the board and in the advisory panel of BizDevCorp. Their advice, direction, network and accumulated knowledge are a major value add for our team.




Business Development Services

Under the brandname 'BizDevCorp, we work closely with our partners and clients to develop new product (combinations) and to rapidly find suitable markets. Once the product has been designed and tested, this typically involves a fair bit of digital marketing, networking as well as 'oldfashioned' selling. 

Over the years we have gained significant experience in business development. Product development, (digital) marketing, sales, market development, performance improvement etcetera are second nature to us. Impressed with our success, more and more clients have asked us if we could strengthen their business development activities. Each business development consulting project is bespoke. During a thorough mutual assessment we verify whether significant value can be added so that our clients’ objectives can be achieved.

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Digital Marketing Training

We are proud to be an authorised partner of  Digital Marketing Institute which has certified more than 20,000 people in digital marketing in 120 countries on six continents. At FPCO we provide individuals and organisations with the knowledge, skills and attitude to deal with the rapidly changing realities in the digital marketing world. We offer tried and tested online products and services aimed at helping you reach your goals. 

We have the ability to very effectively deal with projects almost anywhere as evidenced by the worldwide roll-out of digital marketing training projects with IBM and Vodafone. So please feel free to challenge us to help you out with your training requirements.

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E-learning Development

At FPCO we are fortunate enough to be partners of Dataflow Learning, an education consulting and technology provider, specialising in products and solutions for the education and training sectors. It has strong education credentials and experts with many years of experience in K-12 / higher education teaching as well as corporate and vocational training. For 15 years, they have successfully implemented curriculum and training programmes on a national scale in many markets. 

Dataflow (DFL) is an innovator in the dynamic, growing market for mobile education or “M-Learning”. DFL has developed its own range of proprietary technology solutions to address educators’ and publishers’ needs. A range of solutions is offered which have been designed to meet the needs of businesses and institutions, as well as national curriculum, school districts and local educators faced with meeting the challenges of today's technology environment, with particular focus on open access to standards based content, future-proofing existing assets, anywhere anytime learning, and device independent learning delivery. 

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Language Learning

NewLanguage has been providing language learning services for over 50 years. NewLanguage has its roots in the Elsevier Talen (founded 1966). A renowned organisation that offered custom-made training. The company was bought in 2000 by NewLanguage CEO JJ (Hans) VAN DER LAAN; who was also CEO of Dale Carnegie Training Benelux. Elsevier Talen ('talen' meaning 'languages' in Dutch) was later renamed Elycio Talen. Elycio Talen’s focus was very much on quality. This was evidenced by the fact it held ISO and CEDEO certifications. In 2003, Elycio expanded its services internationally in the EMEA-region under the banner of NewLanguage. In 2012, Van der Laan sold his shares in Elycio Talen and continued with NewLanguage. NewLanguage now consistently focuses on innovation and for example pioneered e-learning in the Benelux. Through partnerships with companies such as 7Speaking and uTalk, NewLanguage is able to deliver truly state-of-the-art solutions, thus helping individuals and organisations succeed in an increasingly globalised world. We look forward to working with you on language learning projects!

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