Things we learned at Web Summit 2017 - Lifelong Learning

by BizDevCorp on Nov 22, 2017 12:25:45 PM

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Sixty percent of jobs that exist in 2030 are still unknown.

This was a comment that we heard during several talks at the recent Web Summit. But if this is the expectation, how can we prepare our education for this? By becoming lifelong learners, was the answer. Because if you do not continue to learn, your job will eventually face a dead end. This blog will summarise a discussion about the definition of lifelong learning and how this concept is currently applied in education.


10 Tips to learn a new language

by Toos VOS on Apr 12, 2017 12:14:38 PM


Learning by Doing

Some people are able to learn a second language as if they try on a new pair of jeans. I once had a colleague who spoke Spanish with all our clients from South America. I worked with him in the same office, so I constantly hear him using his skills, switching from language to language. Later on I asked him how he learned the language, assuming he took a course. "On the phone" - was his answer!