Diploma in Tech Fundamentals

Close the gap between Code and Communication.

Learn to speak the language of coding, without having to become a software developer to do so.

Whatever your role in business, technology impacts your life. Software, Technology, and Data are all essential building blocks of modern business. Understanding these elements is an essential part of the modern professional’s skillset.

This course is designed  for professionals who find that coding is becoming a topic they need to understand at a high level so they can make more effective decisions for their role or team.

If you are looking for a course that will enable you to speak the language of coding so you can understand the technologies being used in your company, without having to actually become a coder to do so, this course will teach you everything you need to know.

Study Time

30 Hours


Online - Video Lectures, Information Slides & Practical Exercises | 24/7 Community Support


Diploma Upon Completion

Sourced From:

Code Institute

Entrance Requirements:

Suitable for All Levels




The Individual

A better understanding of how coding and technology works will help you communicate better with your colleagues, identify potential problems and new opportunities. If you are more effective at your job, you are likely to achieve your KPI’s.

The Business

The business will benefit as collaboration between technical and non technical staff will be improved, this will lead to less interdepartmental friction, projects more likely to be delivered on time and on budget. The business will also benefit from individuals taking more control over their role, becoming more innovative and better utilising existing software tools.



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