Future-Proofing Careers

For the 2020s

Crucial skills for the 2020s

Globalisation and technology are having a massive impact. The ‘job for life’ just doesn’t exist anymore. If anything, the pace of change is increasing and all of us must adapt or risk becoming irrelevant. By the same token, all these changes present wonderful opportunities as well! If that fabled ‘job for life’ doesn’t exist anymore, then maybe we should focus on what it takes to make careers much more future-proof?

Consider this: some 10 years ago jobs such as Social Media Manager, SEO Specialist, Virtual Assistant, Online Business Manager or App Developer mostly didn’t exist. Going forward, might jobs such as Robotics Programmer, Solar Technology Expert, Meme Marketeer, Crowdfunding Specialist be far more prevalent?

Planning your career was never easy, and it has become even more difficult with all those changes taking place. We have to keep working to nearly our 70s and it’s up to us to remain relevant and to be able to keep adding value. That is a complex problem to solve. But hey, as luck would have it, complex problem solving is the Number 1 skill for the 2020s, according to the World Economic Forum.

There are many websites where you can look for a job and below are some often used. Why don’t you apply the World Economic Forum Top 3 skills (complex problem solving, critical thinking, creativity) to try and find a future-proof job which piques our interest? If you find something which might potentially be of interest and it is ‘just’ a matter of skills you are currently lacking, then surely ‘all’ it takes is training and certification to get there? Here’s a range of diploma & certification courses recognised around the world which you could consider.

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