Future-Proofing Organisations

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Surviving & Prospering in the 2020s

Ageing workforces and customers, Brexit, cultural & language issues, debt levels, digital transformation, economic cycles, globalisation, inbound / digital marketing, increasing pace of change, outsourcing, migration, political issues, rapid product and market development, refinancing, restructuring, social selling, sustainable production, technology, trade wars to name but a few of the challenges organisations find themselves confronted with in this day and age. It’s truly mind-boggling what executives, managers and entrepreneurs have to cope with.

Fortunately for those executives, managers and entrepreneurs, there is a sector of industry completely focused on dealing with change. We have collated an overview of dozens of articles dealing digital transformation and its effects on people and organisations. We sourced those articles from some 40 of the world’s best-known management and recruitment consultants. At your leisure, read a couple of these publications and you’ll soon realise just what kind of change is coming your way.

For an organisation to survive and prosper, its people need to be extremely well equipped to be able to deal flexibly, creatively, knowledgeably and successfully with all of the changes taking place. HR, line managers as well as employees must obtain and apply the right skills in order to cope.

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7 Opportunities for Banks to Generate $350bn

The global banking industry shows many signs of renewed health. The recovery from the financial crisis is complete, capital stocks have been...

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Five Impelling Trends in Training

During the Great Recession, friends of mine in the financial industry told me: “We didn’t realise the whole system was rotten, we were slap bang in...

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After the Easy Money Boom, Stark Choices for Asset Managers

Asset management businesses may be sailing on a rising tide of wealth, but this ship could easily wreck on reefs hidden just below the surface.

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Banking unchained

Blockchain has introduced a new world of value exchange that’s already affecting the shape of banks and the way they do business. Marcus Treacher has...

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When a Tornado Can Save the Day

Simon Constable is a former TV anchor for The Wall Street Journal and a fellow at the Johns Hopskins Institute for Applied Economics, Global Health...

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2017 Financial Services Trends

The rise of digital technology has dramatically altered the landscape in the financial-services sector. Banks offer financial planning and trading...

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