Digital Awareness Programme

    Certified Digital Marketing Associate

    We have assessed a need within the market for a certification program at a more foundational level that allows us to fulfil a lower level training and certification requirement primarily in two market segments:

    • Corporates (L&D projects)
    • Universities (Degree Accreditation)


    Programme outline 


    Approximately 6 hours of learning + 60 minute online exam


    Customer-facing | Broad Functional Areas (HR, Finance) | Undergraduates




    Underpinning knowledge, meaning, uses, tools and tech and how they are applied. Less focus on skills

    Why should I earn this certification?

    My Role

    Key Objectives of the Programme

    Customer-facing: Customer Service, Communications

    Obtaining an understanding that customer behaviour and the digital economy has changed and the implications for your role and the wider business

    Administration: HR, IT, Finance & Accounting, Legal

    Knowing the importance of using data to understand the performance of the business, wider industry and of identifying and responding to potential risks using digital tools

    Executives: Mid to Senior Level, Strategy

    Obtaining an understanding of what a digital strategy is and its role in achieving wider business goals

    Marketing & Sales: All

    Obtaining a foundational level of digital as a pathway to a higher level of understanding and the importance of a digital presence to your overall strategy

    Other: L&D, Operations, Production, Purchasing

    Obtaining an understanding of the opportunities presented by digital and the importance of using data to streamline the business and improve processes.

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