Industry Advisory Councils

It's tough for regular universities and schools to stay up to date with the latest developments. Typically, they develop a curriculum extending several years into the future and which is reviewed every few years or so. However, 'a few years' is an eternity in the digital world. That is why our approach is different. Our products and services are reviewed by ourselves and industry and when necessary adapted to immediately reflect the latest developments.


Whether future-proofing your career or organisation, it is good to know that your training with us is state-of-the art because of Industry Advisory Councils consisting of e.g:




Learning Methods

Future-proofing careers and organisations often involves new knowledge, skills and behaviours. Starting with your objectives and keeping 70/20/10 (virtual) coaching options in mind, we generally design an approach combining three learning methods:


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Instructor-led Training or 'classroom training' is a learning method all of us are very familiar with. Relatively little has changed in the classrooms since the days of Aristotle. Although over the last few decades, technology is increasingly being used inside the classroom as well. It is still a very powerful way to impart knowledge and ensure new skills are acquired.

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The trainee is learning via the internet, usually at a time and place of his/her own choosing. For example for organisations this is a wonderful method to transfer more standardised knowledge across larger populations. It's also eminently suited for microlearning. Depending on the size of the population and the level of knowledge required, this can be a very cost-effective solution. 

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During Virtual Instructor-led Training or 'VILT' sessions, the trainees could be anywhere, but must be there at the same time. More and more organisations are turning to VILT to efficiently and effectively transfer skills and knowledge, even to smaller audiences. A VILT session could be turned into self-paced e-learning as well and thus potentially into microlearning.


Which (combination of) learning method(s) is chosen depends on a number of factors. We'll gladly discuss the appropriate course of action with you.

 Appropriate learning method for me?



FPCO offers its clients access to first-class products and services from providers such as:

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Over the years we have worked with hundreds of organisations and thousands of individuals across the world. A limited overview of corporate clients per sector may be accessed via the links below.

University Credit-Rated


Our Certified Code Training and Digital Marketing & Social Selling offerings are university credit-rated and assessed on e.g. the European Quality Framework. The MSc Digital Marketing Masters is awarded by the University of Salford in Manchester. Edinburgh's Napier University awards the code training diplomas.


Worldwide Recognition

We are proud to have worked with our clients around the globe. In EMEA we have worked in e.g. the Baltic States, the Benelux, DRC, DACH, Emirates, France, Gabon, Ireland, Israel, the Nordics, Sierra Leone, Spain and the UK. In APAC we worked in China, Papua New Guinea, Singapore and several island state in the South Pacific. And in the Americas we we worked in Canada, USA and some 20 countries in Central America and the Caribbean.