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Aah ... Digital Transformation

As a result of digital transformation, entire industry sectors are experiencing massive changes. We help organisations and individuals successfully cope with the workplace effects of digital transformation through a range of state-of-the-art learning & development solutions. We do so by designing and delivering the solution ourselves and/or by sourcing 'best of breed' suppliers and then adapt, combine and/or augment their products in order to perfectly meet your needs. 

Skill Development

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Proof of the Pudding

You’ll know our products & services hugely benefit people and organisations because of:


University accredited courses and  European Quality Framework compliant

Industry Advisory Council   

Consists of e.g. Accenture, CapGemini, Facebook, Google, GSK, IBM, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Ogilvy, Omnicom, PayPal, Red Hat, Tele2, Twitter, Vodafone, WPP 


Certified, high quality, innovative, leading edge and internationally recognised


We worked with 100's of organisations and 1,000's of individuals

Worldwide recognition

Tens of thousands of graduates in more than 100 countries


Certified Code Training

It’s conservatively estimated that by 2020, there will be a shortage of 825,000 developers in Europe. Our programmes are great for e.g. career changers, entrepreneurs in start-ups, IT staff requiring upskilling as well as HR & line managers who need to understand the ramifications of digital transformation. Salaries paid to developers increase all the time, so this is great industry to be in.

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Digital Marketing & Social Selling

Digital marketing and digital social selling are crucial skills for all those involved and/or with an interest in marketing and sales. The training programmes range from associate up to Masters Degree levels, are university-accredited and recognised around the world. 


Many of our clients require bespoke projects. Whether it involves adapting (e.g. for online, offline or blended learning) the Certified Code Training or Digital Marketing & Social Selling products mentioned above, or one of other our longstanding services, we continue to exceed our customers’ high expectations.


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