The deciding factor was the ability to do this course at my own pace online and the fact that it was project based so I would have three projects to show to potential employers,

Maria Hynes, Specialty Analytics Manager, BNY Mellon - Diploma in Software Development


Before I took the Code Institute course I was working in a centra making chicken fillet rolls. The main reason for me to do the bootcamp was to change my life and give myself actual options.

Darragh Browne, Software Developer, Intercom - Diploma in Software Development


The marketing course is a good way to learn some essentials. I already knew some stuff about email and social media, but I learned a lot from the SEO lectures about Google Analytics. It's great to learn how the digital landscape works and how you can influence organic vs. paid results on Google. Studying online was a great solution for me because I could study during work. I recommend everyone who wants to understand more about digital marketing to try it. I'ts only 30 hours.

Toos Vos, Professional Diploma


Former Miss Holland Nancy Heynis decided to make a career switch and turned fully towards digital marketing. After completing the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing she found a new job in no time!

With her fresh knowledge of SEO, search engines and keywords Nancy was able to set-up a new website with relevant keywords and the right content. In short: she made some essential steps in the digital world for the company.

Nancy Heynis, Professional Diploma, Sales and Online Marketing Manager


With the knowledge gained, I am now able to form, implement and analyse a marketing strategy, integrating digital and traditional marketing channels.

Vivek Sagar, Professional Diploma, ARG


Between the course management team, comprehensive learning content and weekly blogs on the Digital Marketing Institute website, I felt that my learning experience was very well supported overall.

Anna Moldovan, Masters, Google


I decided to take my career a step further and outstrip the competition. We live in a digital era. You can love it or hate it, but you can’t deny it. Traditional media has lost a lot of its power, the future is digital and you need to familiarise yourself with the latest techniques and tools to stay relevant in this dynamic industry.

Maxim Kostenko, Leader in Digital Marketing, BAKU 2017

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