Virtual Instructor-led Training Design & Production


The Benefits of Virtual Instructor-led Training

Reduced Training Costs

Reduced Travel and Lodging Costs

Reduced Out of Office Time

Increased Capacity and Scalability

Designing powerful virtual classrooms: ADCD-model for virtual instructor-led training

Virtual instructor-led training (VILT) — or Virtual Classroom training—is rapidly expanding in the training world, especially in progressive companies with a global footprint. More and more companies and their learners realise that it leverages the best of both worlds: personal interaction with highly-qualified, experienced instructors and the convenience of online access through a virtual classroom. 

The financial savings of VILT are significant. In various organisations it has proven to reduce training costs by up to 70% for several line items costs like trainer remuneration, training materials, travel expenses and accommodation costs. 

At Future-Proofing Careers & Organisations we have mastered the skill of designing effective and interactive virtual classrooms. It is our goal to ensure that your virtual classrooms create a great learning experience that can easily be blended with other synchronous and a-synchronous learning formats. 

We measure our performance by focusing on engagement levels. 75% of the participants is still actively engaged at the end of the sessions and 90% of the participants actively participate in polls and chat-activities. To get to this engagement level, we have developed a unique 4-step VILT Design & Production model that addresses the critical factors of Virtual Classroom Training.


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Our 4-step VILT Design & Production Programme


Defining virtual learning effectiveness

The assessment phase is crucial. It needs to be abundantly clear what the required results are of the program and what the current situation is. Only then is it possible to define what the virtual learning strategy should entail and how performance can be measured. 

Designing the learning event

Based upon the virtual learning strategy we design the learning event.  Subject Matter Experts (SME) provide content that will be curated for the virtual classroom, Presenters and host will be coached in (virtual) presentation skills, such as  use of voice, timing and how to use the web-cam. Dry-runs and test-recordings are part of this phase, as well as the blending of the virtual classrooms with other (a-synchronous)  learning formats.  

Getting your organisation ready

Organising a virtual training can be time consuming when not managed properly. Invitations are sent, attendance is recorded, technology is prepared. Whether your people are in the Americas, APAC or EMEA, we get them ready to learn at the right time. 

Delivering a memorable learning experience

And finally there is the actual delivery of the VILT. Our producers ensure participants are completely engaged by providing constant interactions.The SME facilitator is completely supported and therefore able to perform an energetic session in the virtual classroom.

VILT Production in Action:

The devil is in the details

A multinational client of ours has realised it can save a very significant amount of money by replacing more traditional instructor-led training with a virtual approach. Savings of 50% to 75% have been reported and learning results were much improved. Small wonder then that we are expanding our VILT production services for this organisation. 

Although the objectives of traditional training and VILT are typically the same - realising a desired behavioural change - the methods are quite different. The most important difference has to do with the facilitator; it's rare to find a 'traditional' trainer who is also good at VILT. But there are many more important differences. We'll gladly discuss all of those with you knowing the devil is in the details.  

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